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A Royal look for your baby boy

In the lead up to the arrival of baby Sussex, the public speculated on all the same questions that we usually do for any baby: What will they name him? Who will he look like? And for the mums/ gift purchasers: What kind of style will he have?



Well, Baby Archie is out and about now so we get to see his Royally picked wardrobe at last and I have to say, I love it!



Baby Archie made his first royal appearance last week meeting anti apartheid campaigner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Archie looked happy and adorable, dressed in H&M blue and white striped overalls. Yes, that’s right: H&M AUD$24 overalls.



I love this because Caboose Baby is all about classic and versatile styles for your little boys at an affordable price: cardigans, cable knit jumpers, shorts with suspenders and long socks. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed to compliment items in our inaugural Summer range which includes rompers, overalls and shorts.



From building sandcastles at the beach to meeting Archbishops, we think our classic designs means you can buy less and wear more.

 (Image: Bella-Marie Photography)